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The heart cry of this generation is to have an impact. We want our lives to matter beyond our day to day existence. The good new is we were created for a greater purpose with a deep longing to fulfill it. We believe our purpose is found in Matthew 22:37-40 (2 Greatest Commandments) and “what” we do matters in the context of fulfilling it. Therefore, the most urgent task of this hour is the completion of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). This means we can’t accomplish it individually or through personal achievements. We need to live missionally to fulfill our purpose and have lasting impact.  As a result, we are developing a network of partners that wish to foster relationships that cultivate inspiration and impact far beyond our individual capabilities!



In one hand, we are fostering relationships with entrepreneurs in the Lancaster region that have a heart to connect and collaborate with others for greater impact. In the other hand, we are fostering relationships with missions leaders in the nations that are investing their lives in that context and need relational support and financial resources to continue having impact in those nations. Both groups carry an entrepreneurial spirit and the tenacity required to pioneer and develop vision with global impact. We are privileged to serve as a bridge between the two. Our network includes missions partners that stretches around the globe so the possibilities for impact are expansive.



Its really quite simple. Relationships. Inspiration. Impact. We host events for entrepreneurs to connect and foster relationships. As these relationships form and deepen, there are opportunities for greater collaboration and impact. Our Alliance Partners receive invitations to all our events and initiatives so that is a great way to stay engaged.


As an Alliance Partner, you are invited to the opportunities below. Again, the heart behind them is to foster relationships that cultivate inspiration and impact far beyond our individual capabilities! Therefore, you can expect relational connections, receiving inspiration, and engaging with other partners for impact!

Dinners/Networking Events *limited capacity events

Private Retreats *limited capacity events

Annual Summit or Missions Conference*unique opportunities

Listed on our website as an Alliance Partner *link to your website


You may be asking what your responsibilities will be as an Alliance Partner. A few key items are below.

  • We ask that you fully support the vision, mission, and values of Alliance Network; and serve as an advocate in your sphere of influence.
  • While we don’t want a membership fee to prohibit you from becoming a trusted partner, we encourage you to prayerfully consider investing 2-3% of your annual income (business or individual) or 1-2% of your annual budget (ministries) as a tithe to empower us to accomplish our vision. The bible references stewardship of our resources regularly; and investing financial resources into the mission of those we partner with connects our heart at a much deeper level.
  • Build relationships with missions leaders and invest in their initiatives.
  • Ministries: We request an annual report in order to receive consideration for funding.


We are inviting you to invest in relationships, receive inspiration, and have an impact that you won’t accomplish individually! Will you become a partner today?

Alliance Partner Application

Please contact Dave with any questions!
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