Equip Initiative

We believe that 1 Corinthians 12 is God’s desire for the Body of Christ. We have a purpose individually, however, it is meant to be lived out collectively. Our goal is to inspire leaders in all spheres (Faith, Business, Family, Government, Education, Arts, and Media) to be Kingdom focused and equip them accordingly. Engage with others in discovering and being equipped in your purpose.

Life Coaching

A life coach is an advocate for growth. Many of us have unfulfilled dreams in our heart, life goals that seem out of reach, or have difficult decisions to make. Inviting a life coach to join us on the journey can be key to discovering next steps to make decisions, accomplish goals, and see our dreams fulfilled.

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Life Coaches

Vision Development

Commission Partners
We provide coaching and vision development for our Commission Partners to help establish framework to catalyze maximum impact. Many front-line workers and ministries are so heavily engaged in day to day operations that establishing a more long-term outlook or strategy can be overwhelming. Our coaching style can help you unpack the dreams and vision you carry in your heart……….which is our primary goal. This renewed clarity along with growth-oriented framework helps determine the path forward to see your vision fulfilled.

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Haiti Project – Haiti
Visible Waves – Mozambique

Marketplace Partners
We offer a package to develop your mission, vision, and values to help instill the culture you desire in your business or organization. We engage with you and your team (if desired) to discover your overall dreams and goals and collaborate to form a simple and clear outline of your mission, vision, and values that become the directional guide to accomplishing those dreams and goals. If desired, we can also collaborate to form a simple leadership structure to provide clarity for your team to empower growth.

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Conquer Series

Would you like fresh vision and hope for tomorrow? The Conquer Series is focused on helping men walk in purity with the support of others. We are created with a deep yearning for fellowship and do not need to fight the battle alone. We facilitate an environment where authentic relationships can be formed, therefore, this group is open to men that desire to walk in sexual purity and want others to join them on the journey.

We host this series annually and would be thrilled to have you join us in January 2025!

January 2024 Series