Istanbul Initiative – Prayer Room

Our Partners

The Kings serve with a Y__M team that is planting a new base in Instanbul, Turkey, the team was sent as an outreach from F&F in Kona. They moved there in early 2022 and have been establishing homes, relationships, the team, and ministry since then. Turkey is known to be an extremely challenging country to establish a ministry, perhaps due to being strategically located as a gateway to the 1040 window (unreached people groups) and central Asia. Therefore, their primary focus has been to establish a house of prayer to win the spiritual battle; and see all other efforts flow out of the posture of worship and prayer. The team has a lot of vision for growth including DMM (a discipleship/house church movement), hosting teams, and serving as a gateway to the 1040 window. You can learn more about the prayer room below.

Prayer Room

Up to this point, the team has been gathering and praying in their living rooms as that is the space they have. Their goal has been to secure a dedicated space for the prayer room that can serve as a launch pad for all future growth, however, the extreme inflation in Turkey poses a challenge to secure any short-term lease options. A message from Leroy and Leslie is below that explains more of their heart.

“The Prayer Room will be a place where we gather as a team to minister to the heart of God, to receive God’s love, to hear God’s voice, and then decree, prophesy, and pray those realities into our city and region.

We believe that one of the key ways to establish ourselves in this nation is through worship and prayer. That as we corporately worship and behold Him, we will be transformed by His Presence and more into His likeness, and from this place, Heaven’s realities grow in our lives, in our city, and the nations. In 2 Chronicles 20:21- 23 we see the Israelites going into battle with the Levite worshippers leading the way. In the same way we believe that the best way to see breakthroughs in the spirit is to first lead the way in worship and prayer. In Psalm 132, King David talks about not finding rest until he has found a resting place for the Lord. In the same way before we get caught up in all of our other tasks we desire to love and host the Presence of Jesus.

Practically we are believing for a building that would serve as a prayer room and as a place where we can host teams and small gatherings. We are hoping to either buy a building or find something we can rent for a year at a time. The costs are fairly high in the neighborhood we are looking at, but we believe this is what God is leading us into as a team, and we know that he will provide. Thank you so much for praying and considering this as we co labor to see the Kingdom come as it is in Heaven.”

Next Steps

Due to our relational connection, the spiritual environment, the strategic location, and importance of serving as a gateway to the 1040 window; we launched an initiative to fund the prayer room and empower the team. We are inviting you to partner with them to establish a place of God’s presence as their top priority!

Funding Goal: 45k (this will fully fund the following: leasing a space for one year, start up costs, and all furnishings – including sound equipment)

9/27/23 Update: The team has reached their goal and are in the process of finalizing the space to launch the Prayer Room! Thank you to everyone that invested to empower the team in their vision!!