Life Coaching

Life is beautiful but the tension of situations and decisions can feel overwhelming at times, especially if we are met with multiple opportunities at once. Having people that care about us provide advice can be very helpful, however, it is often shared with limited awareness of the dynamics involved. In addition, our habitual response can be to find someone to “tell” us what to do or become “tellers” ourselves. This can feel easier or quicker in the short-term but usually develops into dependence on others. The beauty of the tension is it provides an opportunity for personal growth; and maintaining ownership embraces this opportunity. The goal of life coaching is to serve in a supporting role as you seek to grow, engage the tension, make decisions, and move forward as a result. This allows it to be an exciting adventure or opportunity, instead of an overwhelming next step.

What can you expect if interested in life coaching?
The heart of a coach requires believing the best in people and serving as an advocate for growth! The first step is to schedule a 1 to 1 coaching session with a coach (the session is either in person or via video chat). The coaches are trained in the overall process rather than specific scenarios or decisions, therefore, they will ask questions to better understand the tension, explore possibilities or solutions together, walk with you as you determine action steps, and provide accountability as you engage the action steps. Most coaching certifications come with a minimum charge required so the coaches typically have a set fee for each session. You can schedule additional sessions as necessary or as you experience the benefits and wish to continue, this is your decision as you engage with your coach.

How can I get connected with a coach?
The certified coaches below are all available for coaching sessions. Please contact them directly to schedule a coaching session or to discuss their coaching process. It will be helpful to let them you know you got connected through Alliance Network so they understand the relational connection.


Dave Smucker

The process and concepts of coaching have had a tremendous impact on me personally over the past decade and I’m excited that you are interested in discovering the benefits as well! Life can be hard, however, the challenges provide a terrific opportunity for growth. As you may know, I am involved in all aspects of Alliance Network but I especially love to serve as a coach. Therefore, I’d love to connect with you as you discover next steps on your journey!

Certification: certified since 2022

Rates (1 hour): 50.00


Sarah Fulton

Whether you feel stuck at a crossroads internally or externally, I can help to clarify what God is speaking to you and draw out the desires and intentions that may have been buried or set aside. This leads to internal transformation and forward movement!

As a coach, I specialize in spiritual formation, small business growth, and helping people successfully navigate transitions.

I have a background in ministry, have worked as a coach trainer with Bridges Coaching for the past four years, and am mom and teacher to five amazing kids.

Certification: certified since 2016

Second Level Certified Life Coach

Certified Growth Coach

Rates (1 hour): 50.00


Lewis Zook

Everyone achieves more with a coach! Through coaching I’ve seen my own life become more fulfilled knowing that someone is supporting me, encouraging me, and walking out life decisions with me.

I believe coaching can help raise your confidence to face life challenges and achieve greater results in your life. Whether it’s helping you walk through a decision process, taking a step in your leadership journey, or discovering a dream that is waiting to be uncovered, I’m excited to see how coaching will impact your life.

Certification: certified since 2022

Rates (1 hour): $40.00

Contact: OR 717-682-4828